Thursday, April 1

to market to market....

well well well, finally i can take a breath....ahhh...sip my coffee..hmmm, and thank heavens I have my computer back (yes its been away getting fixed).  I can also share with you that I am going to to hold a stall at the North Melbourne Market which will be my very first!  So I am super excited, not to mention super busy making, designing, sewing, cutting, un-picking, re-sewing, starting from scratch, planning my stall, gathering things from around the home to ensure a visually pleasing environment and did i forget to mention sewing, sewing and more sewing!  phew!  So what will I have in my stall??  Well, all the things you find in my Etsy store plus a couple of new items that have not made it on there (time being the main issue!) such as cards from bits of offcuts (never one to waste), fabric purses, accessories and baby gifts.  So if you are a regular stall holder, I would love to hear from you and about your experiences so if you have some tips, send them on through!

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