Monday, July 16

Yeah....but she made 9.9 Million!

Ok this was not the post I was going to publish today, but after some debate in the newspaper over the weekend I just felt like I needed to put it out there.  Yes, the Fifty Shades Trilogy Debate.  Or Controversy...or whatever you call it.

So, it seems like if you haven't read this series you are now in the minority.  More than 27 Million copies have sold worldwide and that doesn't include the e-book sales. Erica Leonard (aka E. L James) is now an overnight sensation and crowds are queuing at book signings and she is raking it in....Universal Productions have bought film rights for the mere sum of 5 million dollars.  Not bad hey!

I was surprised the other night when having a chat with my husband and two of his mates, when one of them mentioned Fifty Shades. I was surprised....(and perhaps blushing at the thought of having an impromptu book club about it!)  Yep...the blokes are talking about it too!!!  

I have to laugh about all the negative comments going on though....I mean's not everyone's cup of tea...but really...there are those out there really slamming it and "hating it" or "I didn't read past page eight!"  Sure you can rant on about the repetition or the writing style and the hatred Christian has towards women and naivety of Ana (and I admit to screaming at her a few times!!).   Why are people so compelled to completely and utterly diminish it?  The article in the paper from a reader's perspective, whilst it had elements I agree with, it all just seemed a bit sad to rant negatively on someones new success.  What ever happened to "It's not my taste, by hey good on you!"  Is it just another version of the Tall Poppy Syndrome.  Some nobody becomes successful yet there will always be those that need to put them down, disagree with how they did it or that it isn't that good..but you know what...

After all is said and done....regardless what we think....

It's made 9.9 million to date...and its still going.  I'd like to see her critics try doing that!

What do you think about those that make extreme success suddenly or even in a less than conventional way?


  1. Tall poppy syndrom is rife in Australia and it is no good to anyone! I am one of the few who is still to read Fifty Shades.

  2. i am part way through reading the first book and i love it. hats off to erica for her success. i think it is wonderful.

  3. Haven't read it yet but LOVE success stories like this! my favourite was JK Rowling, a struggling single mum now billionaire, hats off to them :-)

  4. I say good on her. She's obviously talented and has worked hard at writing these books, so what if she earns millions? They're books about sex! Of course they're going to sell well!! I haven't read them myself so I really have no clue but from what I hear many an intimate relationship has been, shall I say, enhanced, so that has to be a good thing right?

  5. I'd be happy to laugh all the way to the bank.

    People are jealous that they didn't get there first. There's nothing more frustrating than KNOWING you could have written the $9.9 million book...
    ha! x


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