Wednesday, July 18

snap it {grow}

A little while back me and my two aprentices went about spending the day pottering in the garden with a faint hope of getting some veggies and herbs to grow.  I'm the first ot admit that my thumbs are no where near a shade of green, and vertually any species in the garden that needs care (does not under mine) I was dubious, but determined. 

I am pleased and proud as punch, that our little vertical and pallet garden has not only survived but is providing us with some fresh produce.  We have harvested some lettuce...the chives are going strong and look at these wee little brocolinni heads making an appearance and flowers on the snow peas!!! 

Our garden is growing and I feel like Mary Mary quiet contrary! 

Join in with Sarah for our weekly Snap it! 


  1. I wish we planted a Winter crop of vegies in our cold, its a little hard to get motivated in Winter....

  2. Good for you, these look fabulous-very satisfying to grow some of your own food.

  3. How wonderful! We really should cultivate a nicer garden in our yard, I'd love to... but might wait until Spring now. Well done on the produce thus far, lovely photos xo

  4. Well done to you, Bren! I'm also a black-ish thumb, mainly because I loathe routine and that's precisely what a garden needs!

    I'm catching up on all my blog reading. I've been so swamped lately that I've missed out on loads!


  5. There's nothing like growing your own and eating!

  6. yum!! there is nothing better than home grown vegies & having them picked for dinner x


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