Tuesday, July 17

Things I've learnt being 30

Growing up.  A concept perhaps some of us spend a lot of time thinking about.  I know as a small child, I loved getting older, having birthdays and counting how many I was on both hands. My children follow suit...my daughter cannot wait to be four soon. 

Me....well my 12 months of being 30 is nearly up.  Yep. They say life starts at 30...who's they by the way!  but I digress.... I filled out a form the other day, and made a mental note, that no longer can I tick the 21-30 age category for much longer!!! boohoo! 

But what comes with age?  wisdom? knowledge? well, for me...here are some reflective thoughts on what I know about being 30....

1. A sense of self - This is a biggy and I wont ramble on...but having a clear sense of self is important.  It's fluid and on a continuum so to speak, but I feel a little more clear on the who I am, what I stand for and it being separate to anyone or anything else.

2. Self evaluation - less of it, more courage in my conviction and less worrying what other people with think (coz those that mind dont matter and those that matter won't mind!)

3. Imperfection - Accepting that this is perfect.  Be wrong - apologise.  Make a mistake - learn from it.  Be a good friend - listen don't judge.

4. Crowd pleaser I am not - and that's ok.

5. Not ashamed at my choice of music or raido station - even if it is 91.5 smooth FM with all the songs from the 80's - see I am not ashamed!!! 

6. Size and fitness - I cannot change the length of my legs, or the width of my hips, but I can look after the body I have been blessed with and let it lead me through a healthy life.

How about you?  What do love about being the age that you are??


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  1. Your list is perfect, Bren. Self-awareness and self-acceptance are what it's all about. To know yourself inside and out and be comfortable with that makes us very happy and useful people.

    The only thing I add that age has given me is a sense that helping others makes the world go around. We are all in this together and being kind is easy and rewarding. x


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