Thursday, July 19

my creative space {raindrops}

I've had a little stash of felt sitting idle for some time.  So I decided to whip it out for no other apparent reason that to create a little something that's nice to look at.  No sooner had I started did my daugher claim that it would be for her....she did not even know what it was.

Nonetheless when I told her it would a little raincloud she danced and pranced around singing "it's raining it's pouring the old man is snoring"...

I attached three little felt and one fabric raindrop to my big fluffed up felt cloud using clear craft nylon and some crimps.  It means you don't actually see how the raindrops are suspended....And coincidentally it matches with her blue and yellow artwork nicely...

What crafty goodness are you up to?  Well it's pouring with creative folk over at Kidspot, so join in the fun.....


  1. So gorgeous - and loving those colours together!x

  2. I love your rain cloud mobile. Absolutely gorgeous! I have received the key fobs - thank you so much !!!!!!!!!! Really appreciate!

  3. Oh that is so cute! I've only recently decided that IS should own a sewing machine so hopefully I'll get one soon, figure out how to use it and get creative!

  4. Oh this is gorgeous, i love rain drops. I actually picked up some porcelain clouds (3 different sizes) on a throw out table at a stationery store, with the idea to make some rain drops too, hang it in one of the children's rooms or over my computer desk?? I'll get there eventually. So pretty, love the colours you chose, love Posie

  5. Love it! My eldest turns four this weekend and I just remembered she's been talking about wanting a "piece of cloud" for her birthday... I'm thinking this is as close as she'll ever get to one so I hope I get some time to whip one up! And hey, I have that I&S fabric too... used mine to make a cushion. xo


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