Thursday, July 26

My creative space {fairies}

A little party planning has begun in our house.  My daughter will soon be four...and all things fairy are what it's about when you are nearly four (apparently!). So with that theme in mind, we are preparing for a little gathering of a few of her friends for a fairy party.

 Some fabric was selected (on sale mind you! double win for this mumma!)  and a dress made whilst little eager watched chanting "is it ready yet?" "can i wear it now" - "no dear...I've just cut out the pattern was my reply!" 

But my little apprentice waited and watched and marvelled at her dress taking shape.  It was too long in the skirt, but instead of hemming it, I sewed in some elastic loops and buttons under the skirt so they can be hooped up creating a lovely little bubble skirt...perfect for fairy business. 

Some fairy ribbon wands were made with Japanese washi tape  and random lengths of ribbon - although I'm considering re-doing these just with ribbon on elastic just to be safe as the thought of little ones wielding sticks all over the place may get a little dangerous and my daughter has already sustained an injury whilst practicing her fairy magic the other day....

We are still to make some fabric party hats, some more decorations and then plan the cake.  
What creativity are you up to?  Does Birthday preparations inspire your creativity?  
Join in the fun over at Kidspot


  1. Oh wow can you believe it was 4 years ago you were ow time has flown. I hope she has a fantastic fairy party!

  2. I just adore that fairy on the invitation, so gorgeous. And you are a fabulous fairy dress maker! x

  3. It's beautiful. I love the floral fabric. One happy girl no doubt.

  4. Yes, parties always inspire my creativity!! A fairy party sounds lots of fun! Love your fairy ribbon wands. Every almost four year old girls dream.

  5. Simply beautiful...I am sure she is the luckiest little fairy around. x

  6. Oh my! The dress is perfect! I hope you both have the bestest fairy party ever!!!!

  7. ooo I love a good fairy party! Have fun xx

  8. She is a lucky little girl to have such a talented mum:)

  9. Oh so talented and creative! I will be in trouble if my little one asks me to make any of those!


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