Friday, July 6

I'm grateful for {simple pleasures}

First week of the holidays almost over and I have to say...It's been pleasurable.  No getting to school on time, no lunches and bags to pack and library books or notes to remember.  Lazy mornings rule, and days are spent with friends, or playing at home or out and about.

This week I'm grateful for....

Simple pleasures...the joy of catching up with friends...sharing a meal...a bunch of flowers, a board game with the kids, no routine, baking, impromptu singing session, a good belly laugh, winter sunshine on your face or a good book.

All of the above plus more....something simple that brings pleasure.

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  1. I absolutely love school holidays, too! It also means that I have both my kids at home and they can play together, as opposed to me being the sole entertainer for my 3-year-old daughter.

  2. Oh yay! Other people who love the school hols! I love just hanging out with my boys, no rush, no routine :-)

  3. Yes! The simple things really are the best! And how I love that winter sun! x

  4. Love how you are loving the school holidays! And I love this photo too x

  5. I'm loving the simple pleasures at the moment too. It was a particularly long term the last one and I think we were all in need of a break! I have deliberately scheduled very little and we've surprisingly loved it!

  6. Yay, stunning shot to sum up how lovely the school holidays are, we just started, blessed to have 4 happy children in need to recharge & we're not rushing them to anything or anywhere. Love Posie

  7. I am SOOOO with you on all of those points. I really am not ready for school to go back next week.


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