Monday, March 26

why does it take so long?

Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

I often wonder, at small little insignificant instances and think...

Is it just me?  Or do other people do that?

Take for instances, small little differences to my life, that if I actually took a very little time and dedicated it to the task, would make my life so much easier.

For example - Pegs.  Yes, the very clever item used to hang washing on the line.  Because all mothers can vouch that a) they have oodles of washing and b) need pegs. But you see my peg supply has slowly dwindled away due to them constantly breaking and I'm sure the kids think they make fabulous toys and run off with a whole handfuls never to be seen again.  So for the past six months each time I hang out the washing, it has been my new strategic game to hang out the washing using minimal pegs possible.  Six months I've been hanging 3 socks with one peg, and lining up all the tea-towels so the ends touch.  A little triumph when all knickers, socks and clothes are hung out without a spare peg required.  Sad I know.

The other day, it cost $1.87 for a packet of 200 pegs.  Why did it take me so long?  so simple?

The other a little more embarrassing actually.  You see I noticed in the top draw of the kids bathroom a little bottle of sample hand-cream and tipped over and the cream was oozing out the lid.  I wont confess to how long it had been that way...just say long enough!  I noticed it each time I opened the draw and thought "oh, i'll get around to that...just not right now" and slid the draw shut.  It wasn't until the Parent-in-law were due to arrive that I quickly grabbed some loo paper, wiped up the mess and disposed of the bottle.

Why did it take me so long?  So simple...but why??

Please tell me I'm not the only one?  Do you have things just waiting for your attention that really if you did attend to it, could make your life easier?

If so...go do it!  And share, so I don't feel so bad!



  1. Where do I even begin? I have a list a mile long that I am constantly adding to. You have prompted me to pull finger and cross a few off it today....thanks for that :)

  2. This is me. This is how I live and I wonder why I get so frustrated so much of the time! Right, I'm off to buy an abundance of pegs!!! x

  3. I don't know where to start....the list would be so long!
    How bout just one - empty shampoo bottles in the shower/bath...they sit around for WEEKS because I'm the only one that every gets rid of them and it always occurs to me to do it when I'm having a 30sec shower and by the time I get out and get dry I've forgotten again!!!

  4. Oh Brenda, how did you know I just bought more pegs last week?


    But as for why it took us so long to buy more pegs, I just think we have so much on our minds, it's hard to remember to put it down on the shopping list, or we think we will remember when we get to the shops. Or we live in a constant state of overwhelmed.

    As for me, they're all the reasons why I only just cleaned out OUT bathroom cupboards this weekend. There's been water leaking in there for ages. But I've only just gotten to it now. It's made a fine mess, I must say!

    Great post Brenda. And I think we relate 100%!


  5. I'm soo like that, everything takes forever, moves onto new todo lists. it's because we're running from one task to the next!

  6. i happen to be an expert in this field and in fact have a severe shortage of pegs - i wrote them on my shopping list this morning before i read this !! spooky

  7. Absolutely! There are always things that are just that little more urgent or just a bit more in our face more of the time that get attended to first!
    A few weeks ago I finally got the electrician to come around and fix the light in my daughters room that had not worked for 2 years - 2 years!!!! She also had a bedside light, attached to the wall, so she used that, but when that died too, I had to finally call someone!


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