Friday, March 9

I'm grateful for {solitude}

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I realised early on in my life (oh say about eight or nine) that being by yourself wasn't such a bad thing.

I didn't need to always have someone around me, playing with me, entertaining me or even just sitting next to me.  I loved finding a little quiet place in the house or in the backyard to potter around, think, craft or read.

Nothings changed - although the responsibilties of an eight year old compared to now are somewhat different (and envious).  But I love some solitude. Don't get me wrong....I'll be the first one to invite you over for coffee, cake a chat or head out to a dinner party or even scream madly whilst running around with my kids in the backyard.  I'm up for that too. Alot of that actually.

But solitude. Even the word. Solitude.  Say it with me.....Solitude. Sounds good hey.

I'm more than happy with me, my own thoughts, something to do (for me) or even not for me (like folding amd sorting the families washing)....anything really. In Solitude.  It's calming, comforting and nice.

So today I'm grateful for Solitude.  That when it visits, I grab it, relish it, take it as time to nuture me and fully enjoy it.

Do you like Solitude??

Please join in here.


  1. Solitude certainly is lovely. I really appreciate my moments alone too. Maybe it's a post-babies thing for me?

  2. Love me some solitude too. Maybe its a post-baby thing for me?

  3. I am a big fan of solitude now and then. Particularly now with children around, precious alone time is just bliss. Sadly it doesn't tend to happen that often!
    Visiting from Maxabella x

  4. I love solitude. I am an introvert - get my energy from alone time even though I love a good chat.

  5. Like you, I have always relished time alone. It is NEEDED. x

  6. I love the thought of being alone. Not all the time of course. I'm begging for hubby to run away for the weekend with kids and just leaving me being to be on my own. now words, just time to myself to ponder and do.

  7. I love it too, sometimes it's the best company you could have!


  8. I love knowing there is someone else in the house, but I quite like doing my own thing. Probably a bit selfish, but it's not meant to be! xx

  9. I'm home alone for the first time in.... forever
    I'm loving it!!

  10. Unlike you, I worked out I needed solitude much later. Say, around 24? Sad, but true. But I relished it in a big way.

    And now, all I want is some quiet toilet time. That's all I ask.

    Funny how things change! And yes, the word solitude sure is beautiful.

    May you get as much as you need gorgeous girl!



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