Wednesday, March 21

imaginary friend

Did you ever have an imaginary friend growing up?  I didn't.  I tried though at one point.  I think I lasted about two or three hours and then I forgot about poor said imaginary friend and skipped along playing another game.

I'm pretty sure my kids have one though.  His name is Stoopi and he has been around ever since my youngest child could talk.  My children play with him, he is included in most things and lately he gets told off when he misbehaves. Even I've had to tell him off.  It's quite adorable to watch. 

Lately I've asked a few questions about Stoopi...

How old is he?
            "oh he's turning 7" says my son,
            "he's six" says my daughter

Where does he live?
            "here - with us!" they say

Does he play with you all the time?
           "No, only when we ask him"  they concur

Stoopi even came overseas with us.  My daughter made sure she had a place for him on the plane, and told him where his toilet was.  Nowadays she brings toys in the car so that Stoopi can have things to do whilst we go to the shop/swimming/kinder etc.  Apparently Stoopi stays in the car.

Imaginary or not, Stoopi feels like part of the family.

Did you or your children have an imaginary friend?
Do share....


  1. How adorable! My youngest had an imaginary friend for a short while, but not quite as part of the family as Stoopi seems to be! When I was growing up my cousin had 2 imaginary friends Cockie and Sha and they were very much a part of her life. When she got older they got run over by a bus and were no longer!!!
    Apparently it's a very healthy thing. Your daughter is such a caring and thoughtful little girl looking out for Stoopi like that. :)

  2. Jacks got cowboy and he doesn't live with us but he comes for sleepovers quite a lot x

  3. Jacks got cowboy and he doesn't live with us but he comes for sleepovers quite a lot x

  4. My son used to have 2 imaginary lions called Tako & Patrick. My other son had pretend Emily (we had a real lovely friend called Emily who was 6 or 7 when he was 3or 4). It was very sweet. At 17 & 12 I dont think the imaginary friends are still part of their life :)

  5. so gorgeous that they all know the answers to your questions. there's no imaginary friends here, i never had one either. my cousin had one, and i always felt like i was missing out...i tried, but like you, just couldn't keep it up! :)


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