Tuesday, March 13

50 a day {a challenge}

Ok - I've set myself a new challenge.

I've noticed lately that I can't stop adding to my "books to read" list that I so cleverly created at the beginning of the year.  A list that I thought every now and again I would add too until.....Oh no.....it's getting seriously out of control. 

But with so many books to read and so little time, it was time for another challenge.

50 a day.

not books a day - are you crazy!

Pages.  Pages....50 pages a day.  minimum.

On average, most books are somewhere between 300 - 500 pages. Average that out, and I'm reading a book every ten days, if not less.  sounds promising.  I just tore through my lasted (The Best of Me - Nicholas Sparks - sob!) this Labour Day weekend...it felt bliss-full.  Nothing like knocking back a book in a weekend!

After giving myself this challenge, I have become adept at filling in little bits of time with ensuring this challenge is met.  And don't for one second think that it involves bringing the book into the loo, because you can cancel that thought out entirely.  But....small little moments....5 minutes here....whilst I'm stiring dinner...watching the kids play outside.....pushing the swing....that moment when you've pulled up at the Kinder gate and you're a few moment early....or waiting in waiting rooms.  It's surprising how useful those moments can be.  I'm not cramming the whole 50 pages in at night before my head hits the pillow....

My book goes everywhere with me, and ends up each night by my bed.....

....do you make a list of books you like to read?  If so, how do manage it?

And what's on your reading list? Because of course, I just need another excuse to add more to mine!



  1. FIFTY a DAY?! Are you crazy woman? That's for non-parents and old people. But, bliss, huh? x

  2. Maybe I should follow your lead and try for 10 a day. My new years resolution was to just read. I can't remember the last time I really read a book. Thanks for the motivation.

  3. What a good idea. Is 50 pages on a kindle the same as normal pages I wonder??? I am currently reading We need to talk about Kevin - very confronting! But I also just bought 50 Shades of Grey which I have been hearing A LOT about over the last few day... quite a bit of naughty bedroom action apparently!

  4. Oh, sounds so good! I've been reading like a marathon runner and loving it!

    I've read: Atonement, The Millenium Series and just finishing The God Of Small Things. Post coming about that too!

    I can just imagine you sitting on that boardwalk having a read. (In fact, I had to look twice!)



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