Thursday, March 8

The commercial they didn't want us to see....

After yesterdays rather controversial post, I thought I'd do another (with the focus on something other than me and my opinions!)  

A colleague showed me this clip at work the other night.  It's a commercial raising awareness of the power of behaviour and that what children see, they do.  It's focus is on parents. 

It's been banned here is Australia.  Why?  I guess because it's quite confronting.  The message is clear, and some of the scenes really do leave you wondering.  I work in an industry that helps parents with their struggles of raising children.  I'm not sure if this would help or hinder though.  Parents are blamed for so much these days and an extra kick in the guts might not be what they need.  People see a misbehaved child and immediately blame poor parenting.  It's just not that simple. 

Take a look.
What do you think? 


  1. Wow. Very confronting and emotional to watch.
    Whilst the images of violence are hard to watch, the images of apathy and disregard for others (the man and child walking past the lady with the pram on the stairs) are simply this what our world is coming to (have had this happen to me as a mother, know how it feels to be invisible when you clearly could do with some help).
    Thanks for posting it....

  2. That is a good ad, though I would hate to see how many children start giving other drivers sign language after the ad went on TV. Perhaps it could be restricted to "adult" viewing time, say after 10 pm?

  3. Wow!! It's hard to watch this and not be affected by it...I got goosebumps.
    We as parents are our children's first 'teachers' and need to be aware of how our actions and behaviours impact on our children. I image this ad would hit home for a lot of parents.


  4. This ad used to be on TV, at least in WA, I saw it a few times and thought god how heartwrenching, but what a great message.

    I agree with Nessaknits, an after 10 timeslot would be better though as children are not going to get the same message from it as adults would. I don't think it should be banned!

    I'm not a parent but I don't think it's necessarily a kick in the gut, more a (maybe not so gentle) reminder of something that is easy to forget. Hearing a four year old child say "My Dad says I don't play with blacks." is an immensely sad thing and something that could easily be avoided through awareness. Children think the world of their parents and soak up so much of what they do and say and how they act and react to situations.

    I'm not saying you need to be perfect in front of your child, I think the message is more just be aware of little ears and eyes in the vicinity. And an occasional outburst/indulgence/disregard/etc is one thing, daily repetitions of such behaviour is another thing entirely. The ad is obviously showing those extremes of terrible behaviour happening on a regular basis.

  5. Whoah!This just makes me want to cry. The things some children are subjected to. Mind you, it doesn't have to be these 'big things', does it? The little things we do each day that aren't as appropriate as they should be... all being watched, all being learned.

    Do you think that the parents who do the behaviours shown in this ad would care one way or the other? I'm not so sure.


  6. Oh dear, i never swear in front of my children or raise the finger - not a lot of tension on the school run in Canberra, we're all so terribly polite here (read: BORING) but wow. Like those drinking ads . . . i have to explain to my children that some people DO drink, just not me. Yes, i'm a saint, no, i just watch my behaviour & realise my children are the only audience who count!! Love Posie

  7. PS agree with Maxabella, doubt these parents would even care or notice. The ad was on here in the ACT too, or did i see it in Qld?? Jet setter that i am. Wrong with a capital R, but we've already established that i am a saint. love Posie

  8. It's a funny thing. I know heaps of people who are dedicated church members, and their kids still go off the rails, with drinking and teenage pregnancy. Maybe it's about educating communities, because these families all come form the same suburb. xx

  9. I'm tearing up. That does hit you between the eyes huh?

    I just received an email this week and it tells me all is not right in the planet we live in. Not that I didn't already know this. But it's time to get out of my comfort zone and do more.

    Thanks for sharing. Nothing like a good reminder that EVERYTHING we do is seen.



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