Saturday, March 3

I'm grateful for {the nucleus}

Family.  It's what defines us, nurtures us, embodies us, hopefully meets our needs and help us dream.

A family is only a strong as the individual components that make it up.

The nucleus...the heart of the family....the shared beat.....

Today that's what I'm grateful for....

I'm grateful that I feel such a strong connection with the three other people that reside with me.  They love me, and I love them - unconditionally.  As my children are getting older and personalities are developing I'm proud and honoured just to be apart of it.  As my husband forges on, creates his personal dreams and concurs them, I relish in standing by him and knowing that I can celebrate with him (or not but just be there).  And me.  My three cheerleaders cheering for me, backing me up, supporting me and loving me.

No. matter. what.

For the most part This Family works like a well oiled machine.  We are evolving, creating memories on a daily basis and I just am so very very grateful.

Join in with this lovely lady who I must say, made one very stunning bride ten years ago today.

Happy weekend


  1. What a wonderful thing to treasure, family. Hold them close.

  2. Family is so precious! Love the photo you've chosen!


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