Thursday, March 21

failure and success

In life there are bound to be failures and success.  Time when you nail a project and moments when you don't.  If there were a time to coin that phrase to a particular event in my week it would be to my crafting adventures.  This week has seen a monumental fail, but also a delightful success.

A project started on whim, false confidence hoping it would see me through...the actual making was not so hard, rather the deciphering of the pattern...  resulting in a garment two sizes too small and no way of rectifying it.  Surprisingly I wasn't disappointed, or even upset with myself.  If anything, I had accomplished what I set out to achieve.  I crocheted a garment.  A wearable garment....just in the wrong size.  I'm happy though it has found a new home (thanks to Instagram)

To balance it out my daughter and I set about creating a wonderful Winter Pea Coat for her.  That, was a success....more photos to come when I can coax her into modelling it for me!

How do you handle crafting failures?

Happy creative day lovelies xx


  1. Your crocheted top looks gorgeous, glad you were able to find a little one to fit it...

  2. Oh my gosh - that wee cardy is adorable! Glad you found a poppet to wear it! I have never crocheted a clothing item but am so tempted to do this wrappy cardigany thingy I've seen. I feel all inspired!!! x

  3. Definitely not a failure if you could give it away to a good home! And that pea coat is divine :-)

  4. Look at you Silver Lining Girl! Love your positive outlook. In order to have successes, the failures have to come first. Wow, you whipped up that peacoat in no time! Can't wait to see it on your little model! xx

  5. That coat is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the colour and the lining fabric, clever thing :-) I've never crocheted anything to wear either - looks quite intricate, what a shame it don't fit! But yay for the lucky new owner. Have a lovely weekend xx


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