Thursday, August 23

my creative space {wrapped up}

In a vain attempt to add some Spring in my world, some colour in my life and de-winter myself early...I decided to throw all other projects to the side and whip up some colourful scarves.

A quick impromptu trip had me loaded up with some bright fabric and on a cold wintery raining weekend I hummed quietly whilst imagining that the sun was shining, the birds chirping and the breeze warm on my arms.  That was not the case, but I was determined to rid myself of all feelings Winter!

The first...a floral number!  A metre of fabric cut in half and then sewn to make it double the length.....frayed edges that took a tedious time but fine when copious amounts of tea were at hand and could even be achieved whilst playing Monopoly with the kids.

The second a funky bright scarf...the roll came in a 147cm length so I only bought half a metre but even that was too much.....I took a 25cm piece, sewing right sides at the longest length to make tube.  Turn right side out ironing the seam in the middle.  It was still too short for my liking so a panel of yellow added to each end gives me the flexibility of lopping it around my neck, if I choose to do so!

So two new scarves which the total cost came in at a mammoth $10.50
Yes, i know big spender that I am! 

Well, feast your eyes on more creativity at Kidspot! 


  1. Brenda! Brenda! Brenda!

    I have good news for you - you won my Offpsring giveaway!! YAY!!

    Three was my magic number.

    GO YOU!

    Can you email me your postal deets and I can get them to send it out to you ASAP?!


  2. They all look great!

    We wouldn't mind some of that cool weather over here. It must be close to 40 degrees C today......

  3. Such beautiful fabrics! I'm sooooo looking forward to Spring here too.

  4. Love, love, love these! Those frayed edges (although tedious) look gorgeous. You thrifty, crafty little thing you. Wishing you a beautiful Friday lovely girl :) x

  5. You just cannot beat a scarf for adding flair and style, Bren. Not that you need any help.

    Clever you, gorgeous ideas, as always. x

  6. They look fantastic, i love scarves, they hide many sins & are a fabulous splash of colour too, love Posie

  7. Gorgeous! Very clever! Wanting to make some of my own now... x

  8. Such a clever idea! I've never even thought to make my own scarves but will totally try it! Witchery tried to cheat me out of $69 the other day for an adorable number with mini pom poms down the side of it - I'm going to try it myself instead!!!!

  9. LOVE them! They are so gorgeously Spring like, which is needed at the end of this long Winter I'm thinking. I've been meaning to make one of those infinity ones. I might use your measurements as a guide. Thanks :)


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