Tuesday, August 14

The Fairy Party

Our little girl with the big brown eyes
you have now turned four, wow how time flies 
I remember, a babe in my arms
you captured our souls with your wonderous charm

I have adored watching you grow
The love filled in my heart, will you ever know?
The power it has, the deepest joy you bring
A bright little spark, you make this family sing

And here is the much anticipated Fairy Party! A little group of awe-struck miniture fairies captivated by a "real" fairy and her magical, amazing performance.  

A selection of fairy food (mainly fairy bread, strawberried dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles, hot food included home made sausage rolls, the staples like chocy crackles and savoury sandwiches and of course the cake!   A Women's Weekly Birthday Cake book selection which never turns out like it does in the book, but this little lopsided mushroom cake fitted the theme of a fairyland party and in the end was fun to make! Although my little marshmellow mushrooms wouldn't play fair and kept toppling over!!! 

The Birthday Girl in all her party glory truely had a great party.  Dress made a few weeks back here. 

Thank you Fairies! 


  1. AMAZING work Brenda! Darling party. Well done on the cake... not game enough to do fancy birthday cakes like that. My SIL made my daughter's birthday cake a few weeks back (she turned 4 too)... it was a Peppa Pig cake. I did make a cloud cushion for her, inspired by yours. Will have to post soon. PS - started a new blog so I'll hope you'll join me. xo

  2. Oh wow. That is just beautiful, the words, the food, the party! My little girl is only 5 months and I just cannot wait for fairy parties! Love, love, love. What a cake!

  3. What a beautiful party for such a darling little girl. That piccie of her having her face painted is heavenly. Bijou is already planning what her and Miranda are going to play together on the beach when you come up to Noosa (she is quite literally rail roading your holiday and when I tell her that maybe we might only get to have a lunch together (oh and a Mumma dinner out if the hubbies are up for it!) she will not have a bar of it...mini besties perhaps?) What a stellar job you did of that cake lovely girl. Looks like a magic day :) x

  4. It all looks so beautiful....great job!!
    Her dress is perfect

  5. what a delightful party- your little girl's face says it all! :)sarah

  6. What a fantastic party Brenda. It was quite obvious that all the fairies has a wonderful time. Your planning always pays off. There is one little fairy at my house still taking about real fairy magic.

  7. totes gorg love x so pink and pretty ;)

  8. Just beautiful all round & dare i say a sweet looking fairy helper (i've seen some trashy ones in my time) with all those pretty party goers, just adorable, love Posie

  9. Great job Brenda! Love all of those photos of a very happy birthday girl! I definitely recognise that cake - women's weekly is such a wonderful classic! Pink and fairies - the perfect combo for a four year old girl!

  10. Just amazing Bren!!! What a beautiful party for one big bown eyed beautiful girl! Happ birthday gorgeous fairy! (the cake is the best bit!) you are so clever!

  11. It looks like an awesome party. And your little girl looks sooo cute.

  12. Thank goodness I didn't miss this one! It's so lovely, I just adore the cake, Bren.

    Happy birthday, gorgeous! x


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