Friday, August 17

I'm grateful for {a splash of colour}

It's official!  I'm over winter.  Over. It!  There I said it!  I know there are not many days to go....(14 more sleeps) till Spring is here....but I would just like a little bit of sunshine and less freezing icy chill!

I'm noticing all the blossoms getting in early and giving me a lovely colour of pink and white as I walk to school....The magnolia's in their gorgeous hues of pinks and purples are ever so delightful, my snazzy purple nail polish my daughter insisted I needed or my bright coral I'll do anything for colour these days! Even the amount of full bright yellow lemons on so many front yard trees is enough to make this yellow crazy mumma jump the fence and bag me a bundle (but I don't of course).

So this week, I'm grateful for colour....because in amoungst the rain, wind and washing all the black clothes that is the Melbourne uniform I am appreciating colour even more.  The flowers, the gold cushions I made, my girl dressing in her brightest outfit or the stack of stunning colourful fabrics waiting for some much needed attention.  I love colour.  I tend to embrace it more...add more colour to my home, my wardrobe, my life.

Colour is good, colour is happy and life would be so dull without it!

What are you grateful for?

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  1. I adore colour! SOmetimes I go through that all things muted and linen and minimalist...for about a day and then I can not help myself but to have colour around me. Will try you on Monday. We were at playgroup when you called. Sorry we missed you. Have a gorgeous weekend :) x

  2. oh, yes, colour has a powerful role in my moods. i bought myself a bright red lipstick yesterday, and it put me in the best mood, walking around with bright red lips! :)sarah

  3. I'm a colour girl too, I guess we all are but I really get a buzz out of mixing paints and painting (badly). If you get a chance, read Arthur Boyd's biography, he was a master of colour.

  4. On the gold coast it has been so sunny ah Im counting down to spring too! Loving the colour too anything that less resembles winter!! I enjoyed reading your post!

    Visiting via village voices

    Steph :)

  5. I still find it kind of odd that Australian bloggers are all talking about winter when it's summer here in the UK!

    We're just about to get into Autumn here, and I love the colours of that season the most.


  6. I couldn't agree more - bring on the spring! I love a splash of colour! Red is my current fave around the house. I knew a girl once with a white house. Everything white - the couch the walls, the chairs, the tables, bench tops, cupboards, picture frames... you get the picture! It actually looked mind of cool, but colour brings such life!

  7. Oh those flowers will propel you into Spring in no time, it's coming!! Love Posie

  8. It's definately time for spring! I'm sick of having cold feet all the time!


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