Thursday, August 16

my creative space {midas touch}

It was love at first sight!  Me and this gorgeous gold faux leather fabric!  Oh my....I think I may have squealed in the isle at Spotlight when I came upon her!  It was not really what I was looking see I was on a search for some bright jazzy fabric for some much needed new cushions for the new couch.....but was literally GOLD!   Perhaps it was the olympics that were having some subliminal powers over my subconscious, but I ended up buying enough to make two extra-ordinary large cushions for the couch.....but it didn't stop there.....

I speedily raced back to Spotty, a la Bolt style worthy of a gold medal myself, and purchased some more....

And I've whipped up some stool covers adding a bit of bling to the boring brown stools that really were in need of a quick cover -up.  You see, we only purchased them a while back, but little did we know that those little monsters, a.k.a children would be swivelling on them with such gusto that each bang and collision with the stone bench would render them dented and scratched!

I could take it no longer looking at those lovely once new stools looking so unkept, that the gold slip is just what they needed.....

The chairs and the cushions.....It's all gold here!  I have more leather left... I'm planning a summer tote bag....or perhaps a clutch....decision careful....if you visit I might just adorn you in gold too!

For more gold medal worthy accomplishments, play along at Kidspot Village Voices! 


  1. Oooh they're yummy! And don't you just love when you can solve a problem that has been driving you batty for a while. I bet you get all chuffed every time you look at your gorgeous cushions and snazzy chair covers. Hope you're having a lovely day :) x

  2. Veeeeeery nice! I completely missed the 30% off at Spotty sale this time round. Life is far too busy at the moment... no time for craft - it's making me cry on the inside!!!

  3. I love these! What a fab idea. x


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