Wednesday, June 6

snap it {alphabet}

Ohh a little tricky this week.  I had to look in the archives.

A while back we I did some renovations to a cute little country apartment.  I loved this process, so took many pictures along the way.  We had a lovely old building circa 1880 to work with but was in need of a lot of TLC.    This was mid-renovation....

The ladder a classic capital A!

Join in with Sarah! 



  1. nice photo, I like your capital A and all the other things in the shot too.

  2. Well done, it WAS hard this week.
    Love the blue colour of the mantle xo

  3. Wow, what a great find! Love it.

  4. love the A! it's amazing how letters can be seen in the every day all around us x

  5. Love the way you have captured the letter 'A'! Renovations can be a little tedious can't they! We have just finished painting the house, so the good part of putting the furniture back and (re)decorating! Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Haha! Love it. You're clever!! Xx

  7. Hey gorgeous... You ok? Just read over at brons that you've been sick too? Thinking of you hon, and hope you'll be ok for a catch up during the holidays!! Get better soon! Xxx


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