Thursday, June 28

my creative space {baby Samina}

A few weeks ago our dear friends welcomed their second daughter, Samina into the world.  We knew in advance that they were having a girl so I started working on a baby quilt for her. 

And a bunting.

There's no pattern.  I just made it up as I went...using scraps for the top part - all little random panels sewn together. A vibrant pattern for the middle section and then a plan block colour for the third section. Backed with some Amy Butler dot fabric and edged in a cute floral geometric print. 

I haven't been to see Samina yet...but I've seen photos and of course is adorable! 

There is nothing quite as precious as a newborn in the family and it's lovely to be able to make something handmade as her first gift from us. 

Do you love making things for newborns?  If so, do you have something special you tend to make?  I love the idea of babes using this quilt to lay on, roll around, carry around the house or snuggle up with a book.

It's been a while since I joined in with Creative Spaces, so I can't wait to see what you all have been up to....and if you're new...join in here at Village Voices. 


  1. Lovely fabric choices ~ very pretty!

  2. That quilt is stunning! Lucky little girl :-)

  3. This is STUNNING!! You always choose such beautiful combinations of fabric. What a lucky little poppet (and her Mumma). Remy uses his "Bren" creation every single day. Although he's sitting now and my oh my nearly crawling, I still perch him on it! It washes like a dream and will be something he will use as he gets older to snuggle on the lounge with too. Thanks so much lovely gril :) x
    Hope you're feeling better

  4. Absolutely gorgeous..a beautiful gift that will no doubt be much loved

  5. This is soooo beautiful! What lucky parents to get a gorgeous new person as well as gorgeous handmade gifts!!!

    Side question - your Mira Narnie labels??? Where do you get yours from? I'm desperate to start labelling my little skirts and things I make and of course when I google fabric labels I get an overwhelming response and dont know where to start! Help??!! please.

  6. I love sewing for babies too! I make bibs and burp cloths and fabric zippered pouches to store nappies in, when out and about.

    Your quilt is stunning - I am sure it will be loved and appreciated for years to come. Your bunting is gorgeous too. One lucky bubba!


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