Monday, June 25

these days...

The last few days...

I've been
On the couch - researching new couches (and resting of course!)
Spending time with my girl - who is very considerate of a recovering mumma
Finished the 50 Shades Series 
Spending on Etsy - a gorgeous infinity bracelet for my man
A concert - Booked tickets for 1927 concert - another gift for my husband
And posting off orders - of course when out of action, you have a spike in sales.  

How do you best recover after you've been unwell?  



  1. Hope you're feeling better soon Brenda. I don't believe there is a worse pain in the world than labour type pain.
    Enjoy your concert. 1927 would be pretty amazing to see. (and I think they're underrated). Our wedding dance song was If I Could.
    Thanks for your encouraging words. As a parent I don't think you ever really stop worrying though do you?

  2. Hope you are feeling better, Bren. 50 Shades of Grey could not be helping...? The misogyny in that book made me totally want to vomit.

    The infinity bracelet is lovely. x

  3. Oh honey, just catching up on your aches & pains!! I wish we could just flick a switch when we've finished having babies & just not worry about the lady bits anymore as i still get period cramps & headaches, haven't needed my periods for over 9 years!! Blah.
    Get well soon & happy lounge finding, i can highly recommend King Furniture, best of all, so many different modular combinations, you can fit them in different houses or rooms, they last beautifully & the leather is child proof (my 4 children prove that daily as they still bounce over it, impossible to walk around) & still looks new!! Love Posie


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