Sunday, June 3

Boys Zone

My son is about to turn 6.


So, we are doing up his bedroom, well because quite frankly he got the raw end of the deal and has put up with some odds and ends and hand-me-downs that his room is feeling a little lack lustre and dis-jointed.  Don't get me wrong...there's nothing wrong with second hand and re-furbished....why when I decided on getting him a new desk...I started searching ebay for a "new" second hand one.  See....

The inspiration is in full swing.  The Pinterest Board is mulled over at length.  I'm loving the use of pops of colour with vintage bits and bobs.  Having some toys and books at easy reach is essential and a little place for him to sit, draw, read and write is important too. The new bed has been ordered so I'm slowly getting some idea's about how to pull together a great boys room.

What aspects of a kids room do you consider essential?


  1. Can't wait to see the finished result!

  2. I love doing the kids' rooms. Finding time has been a challenge - it's asking me or ever and I haven't even painted yet!? x

  3. Your boy is almost six!!?? How time flies by! And what a perfect way to celebrate - a bedroom update! I can see his room is going to be gorgeous by the looks of your pinterest board. Are you having a party too?


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