Friday, June 17

I'm grateful for...triple zero

It feels like forever since I've been around to join in Saturday feel good Grateful catch up.  It's still been rather all over the place here, and slowly slowly I'm getting my groove back...

so Today, I'm grateful for....

1. Being there - Oh, it was unfortunate that during a trip up to the country to see my folks after my Dad's little scare, he had another.  Hubby caught him on the way down, mum stayed calm, I had a little freak out, kids were asleep (thank goodness) and we all waited.....

2. Triple zero - my first time using it but gee's I'm grateful for it!

3. Paramedics - wow, how good are these people.

And, again - all is Ok (phew!)

Join in with this lovely lady and share your grateful list!


  1. Thinking of you, and glad everything is okay. Sending lots of blog love x

  2. Oh darling, thinking of you & your papa. First time i had to call 000 i was locked out of the house by my first born, argh!! So thrilled to have half a dozen hunky firemen remove my front door (i was in jammies, no bra, not a good look!!) Paramedics are marvellous, it will make your blood boil next time you see them on the news getting abused or attacked, honestly, they are life savers!! I hope your father continues to get better, love Posie

  3. It's good to know that everything is ok.

  4. Oh Brenda - what a scary thing for you! So well done on staying calm and making the call. I've never had to thankfully, but I have taught my bigs girls how to after I fell down the stairs once and worried what would happen if I had hit my head and they were alone and scared.
    Hope you have a restful weekend

  5. We have a triple one line for emergencies in NZ so it's a little confusing that it's triple zero here...I have always been scared of needing to ring and dialling the wrong number.

    Having called for ambulances in the past and seeing how fantastic paramedics are I take my hat off to all they do!! Am really glad to hear your dad is okay.


  6. Oh you must have got such a scare, I am glad to hear your Dad is ok now.
    I too have had to unfortunately call that number once and was pleasantly surprised at how amazing the paramedics were!! very grateful!
    Hope your having a good weekend. xx

  7. I'm grateful for triple zero too!!
    They are (funninly enough) life savers. :)

  8. Hi Brenda,
    It was lovely to meet you today at the fundrasier, I commented on Catherine's page and saw you so that was easy.
    Hope all is well with your dad, sounds like a scary situation.
    Have a great night

  9. OH Brenda! Not again. You poor guys. Sounds like you've all been through the wringer and back. I'm thinking and praying for you all - especially your dad. xx

  10. WHAT!?! OMG, how scary. I'm glad everything seems okay. Your poor dad. x

  11. Yes, triple 0 we are lucky to have it.
    Glad everything was ok and you were there.

  12. Oh you poor love! I'm so sorry I missed this post! Hope your papa bear is all happy now and that his ticker is behaving! The ambos are amazing aren't they. I'm the freak out kind too...was great at school with other people's kids but not sure how I'd go with my own little wee piece of magic. You take it easy lovely've had a rough few weeks :) xx


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