Saturday, June 25

I'm grateful for {red lips!}

Whoo hoo - it's the weekend!  And it's forecast no rain, which means we should be able to get out and about which is always good with little ones that love being outdoors.

Joining in with Maxabella Loves (who'll be smiling a lot today!)

Today I'm grateful for....

1. Getting my sewing groove back - so nice to get some sewing done in these last few days.  Some projects completed and new ones started and inspiration flowing.  I'm no longer Ms Cranky Pants.

2. Red Lips - I dreamt the other night that I bought some red lipstick.  It puzzled me, and I realised that I've never owned a red lipstick.....So, I went and got myself one and now I can't wait to wear some red lips!

3. Classics - I love enjoying a good Classic movie.  Maybe Breakfast at Tiffany's, Sabrina, or a Classic Musical like Sound of Music, or My Fair Lady.  And I think Audrey is just so pretty - and she has red lips!

Have a lovely Grateful day - and for more click this way....


  1. Yay for getting your sewing groove back ! Have a great 'red lipstick' weekend x

  2. Good on you for getting your sewing grove back. I'm trying to get my organised grove back. Thank god it's almost school holidays, I'm drowning slowly. lol.

  3. Can't wait to see you in all your red-lipped glory! Maybe Fancy Pants?

    I'm still searching for a red that suits a cool-toned red-head. One day. x

  4. Aaaah, so now I know where your inspiration came from! I'm wondering why you didn't do it any sooner! You look sooo amazing!

    Just like Audrey (but better)! xx


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