Thursday, May 16

slow days

After such a whirlwind weekend, this week has been kind of slow.  That and the fact that I've had a child home sick each day this week has meant that bunkering down and taking it easy has been mandatorily put on the agenda. That's ok.  I've re-realised my kids are kind of good sick kids, if that makes sense.  They just potter around slow, take naps or rest on the couch and soak up mummy cuddles when their hearts desired.  It's given me a few days reflection time, planning and implementing some said plans.  I've shakily realised our move is now four months away.  If I break it down into weekends and then of those weekends which ones we will be here at home, there doesn't appear to be too much time.  Time I thought I had plenty of.

In my vain attempt to get organised, I'm writing lists, hoping to start de-cluttering the home and even start packing up non-essentials.

Still finding time to read, sew and slow down is all important.

What do you like to do on slow days?



  1. I love slow days. I tend to potter in the garden and do baking with the kids, slowly slowly. Afternoons we will curl up with a movie and eat popcorn xo P.S. I'm a lover of list making!

  2. I have lists of all the lists... somehow it's not working! But I think slow, lovely days just might... x

  3. Wow - it is really happening - only four months away! Sorry, not meant to stress you any further. Just excited for you as I know it is the coming to reality of a wonderful dream you've all had for so long.


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