Monday, May 20


A week of mildly sick children, cold wintery days and slow slow movements.  I can't complain really.  There's been no rushing, no schooling and few pick-ups and drop-offs, just time to re-charge and enjoy quite moments.  Cherishing these moments

1. Admiring Autumns beauty...she really does show off
2. Bundled up vintage crockery with handmade kitchen goodies off to a friend
3. Flour on your face
4. A tray of flour, tactile, you practice writing your letters...
5. Climbing rocks.

Hope your week is lovely


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  1. The colour of those leaves....incredible! And that photo of your little girl is just delightful. Pure joy.

  2. Cherish all looks worth cherishing and remembering

  3. love that flour game. I have the same rose plate. Mild sickness at our house last week, a good excuse to slow down.

  4. Beautiful photos. Sometimes sick children is a great excuse just to stop for a while. I love that you cherish the little things. I do too. They're kind of bigger than little. xx


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