Monday, May 27


This weekend was spent mainly outdoors, amoungst nature, enjoying the last of the Autumn weather, family, friends and loads of fun....

1. Pine forest...searching for mushrooms
2. Somehow I misplaced my bucket, so my hat was holding the start of my yield...three buckets later we called it a day and enjoyed mushrooms for dinner.
3. Foraging apprentices (looking for faires and mushrooms)
4. Searching, finding, dappled light, picture perfect really
5. Outdoors again, this time at a local country soccer match...two rival teams...
6. When not watching the soccer, just marvelling at the surrounds of Mt Buffalo
7 & 8...and early morning wander, capturing nature along the way.

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  1. Such magnificent captures of your new home. I can't wait to come and visit you there lovely soul. Keep warm and enjoy this magical new adventure :) xx

  2. I love your new home and the surrounding areas. So Australian bush, and rugged. You've spent heaps of time bundled up in your winter woollies, I see. Isn't it pure and delightful?

    You've captured some beautiful photos! xx


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