Thursday, May 23


The seasons change, the years come and they go.  Birthdays fly by...more candles to add to each cake. Some days have lasted lifetimes, yet in the same breath I cry that time is flying.  I look at baby photos of my growing children and did they really get so quick.

Reflecting on my role in the family over the past seven years and I sense a change is coming.  A change is already approaching for the entire family, yet a personal one is looming.  Whilst I have squirrelled away at night shift work during my early motherhood years, it's been to ensure the CV and and brain are kept well oiled and my days were spent in the home.  It has filled its purpose, and a little voice inside my head is challenging me to ask myself many needed questions...that I just have to find answers for.

Time to reflect...looking for those answers. Anticipation, eagerness and excitement have visited frequently, yet doubt, fear and trepidation tend to follow as well.

Embarking on a new journey is fraught with mixed emotions.  Unfamiliar territory has me feeling like a university graduate all over again.

How do you embrace personal change?


  1. so much change going on in your lives at the moment. I'm assuming that this year marks the end of little ones at home. Dealing with change can be a tricky thing. Sometimes change is our choice and other times it is thrust upon us. Sometimes I embrace change and can't wait for new adventures and other times it overwhelms me when all the changes seem to pile on top of each other, but somehow it all seems to work out in the end and life is what we make of it. thinking of you as you embrace the changes in your life all their forms and whatever the future might bring xo

  2. This is beautiful Brenda, i can relate so deeply, leaving my business & focussing purely on the children has been the best decision. Next year i'll have 3 teenagers, high schoolers, it's flashing by & i haven't missed a minute of it. I just have so many amazing things happening for our future, social media was one thing i had to drop - so no more blogging for a good 6 months or so, too busy with the real world & Instagram is ticking all the connected boxes i need right now. Wonderful wishes to you my dear friend, love Posie

  3. I read your words and understand these feelings completely. Our 'gap year' is almost over. Two children will be at school, and there are opportunities for you to do something different. We are out of our comfort zone, and it's exciting, and so very scary!

    I would love to hear more about this feeling. I think we could mull this over together. xxxx


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