Thursday, February 7


It all started with Ted.  And a baby named James.

My girlfriend had a baby late last year and for school pick she carries baby James in her baby born a little someone had a crafty idea.  And so with deep brown eyes gazing up at me one day, she whispered in her sweetest voice the request to make a baby carrier.

Ted.  The story of Ted is a sweet one.  Originally my brothers bear, I traded him when I was about four years old.  I wanted him, and my brother wanted my bigger panda bear.  We swapped and both of us were happy.  Ted, has been an integral part of my childhood and when I had children, he moved from my room, into theirs.  I share stories of Ted, the time I ripped his arm off and my mum had to sew it back on....and all the home made clothes that she made for him.  Ted is special and the kids know and understand that he holds an emotional attachment for me.  So when my daughter suggested we make a baby carrier for Ted, well, it seemed just right.

With a fumbled drawing, more imagination and a lot of making it up as I went along....those eager eyes never straying...glued to the machine, watching patiently as I ironed and asking a bizzilion questions every step I took I marvelled at our crafting expeditions together.

The carrier is not perfect, but then again that's what happens when you make it up as you go along.  However, my customer is happy, thrilled in fact and loves that she can multi-task and keep Ted close to her and kiss his head whenever she chooses.

And so the adventures of Ted continue.

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  1. That is so so sweet. Passing on motherly love to the next generation... love how she can give ted a kiss at any time. These are the memories she will carry onto her own family.

  2. This is beautiful, there are those special toys in your life that you want to share with your children, but in a gentle and calm way!

  3. That is so sweet. Love her pigtails. xo

  4. What a little darling! Looks like she loves her sling! Suz:)

  5. It it all just too cute for words!!! x

  6. Ooooh Brenda, for some reason the story of Ted and the little carrier makes me want to cry.....happy tears of course. It is just beautiful and so so special for you and your little girl. Melinda x

  7. What a lovely story! Sometimes the best made and loved things are the things you just make up as you go along:)Cyndy


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