Saturday, February 16


7/52 - Portrait Challenge - A photo of my children, once a week, ever week for a year

J  - So keen, you set up a game of Monopoly before school and made certain that we played together as soon as we got home (of course, you beat me...a strategist already) 
M - You found a rainbow in the bathroom and loved making it go all over your hands and face

Joining in with Jodi @ Che & Fidel 



  1. I agree, that rainbow is awesome! rainbows fascinate my kids too!



  2. Oh Monopoly! I used to always be the bank...and then cheat by pilfering hundreds!!! Hardly ever one though. I bet your little man plays by the rules. Lovely times with him. And the rainbow shot....just magic! I love seeing into your world lovely friend :) x

  3. heehee the rainbow portrait is a classic - love the light and her expression!!

  4. So much fun to learn about the colour spectrum and light when you see a rainbow!

    1. Love that rainbow. Also love that her little eyes are working so hard to find it!

  5. Beautiful captures Brenda. My older brother always wanted to play monopoly when we were growing up. He always beat me, like really really beat me. I would have no money and no houses kind of beat me!
    Enjoy your week. Melinda x

  6. Oh Brenda, these are gorgeous photos. Love that J loves Monopoly already! I must teach Madison too! And M. Oh my, that is so funny. She is so cross-eyed and adorable! x

  7. Ha! She's ADORABLE in that shot. That's a framer, Bren.

    What a cute little dude getting the game ready for after school. That's something to really look forward to. x

  8. Your poppets have the sweetest little faces! (btw - just got back from posting your winning Simply Crochet magazine to you! x)


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