Sunday, December 16

:: this week

It's been a car-aaazy week here at Casa MiraNarnie!  I know in the lead up to Christmas that it was inevitable and then with extra things on, concerts for school and kinder and getting ready for everything finishing up it all seems to happen at once.

:: Water balloon prep
:: A helping hand filling them all up
:: Holding her glowing water balloon ready to throw at me...
:: A special Uncle came to stay for a few days and spoilt one very smitten niece.
:: Making my favourite Nigella New Orleans Coleslaw - it's one of my best summer salads
:: Cherry tomatoes growing slowly
:: The Fig Tree and the sky - oh how I love this's magical.  I snapped this shot whilst watching my children just play.  My thoughts were with the families of the tragedy in America.  I looked up, blinked away the tears and sent my prayers up to the perfect blue sky.
:: Trampolining
:: Making our own TV out of a shoe box, tape and loads of imagination
:: My fav "walking to school" shoes - a nice pop of colour for summer
:: A friend shared this no bake lemon cheese cake recipe which I made to take to lunch with dear friends. Before serving it was topped with berries -  It was so easy and delicious!

How are your last few weeks of the year going?

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  1. Oh the undie shot! Just perfect!!! Gorgeous images from a beautiful (albeit crazy!) week. Wishing you slower days lovely x

  2. What amazing photos. Love each one of them :)

  3. Gorgeous shots. Water balloons are such fun and that cheesecake looks delicious.

    x Laura

  4. Water balloons are magic aren't they? They keep our children occupied for ages.
    Hoping the next week is a little slower for you Brenday :)

  5. Great pictures Bren! How mad is this time of year! I cant remember the last time I blogged or crocheted or read a magazine! The no bake lemon cheesecake is killing me. x

  6. It is so nice taking a peek into each other's world! Beautiful captures. Love the look of that to take a peek at the recipe. x

  7. Oooh a lovely collection of shots.
    Yum....that cheesecake looks and sounds divine! the trampoline piccie.
    Have a great week,

  8. The photo of your girl cradling her glowing water balloon is beautiful.

  9. That lemon cheese cake looks amazing - look at that frosting!!!
    Ronnie xo

  10. water bombs are the best, they just don't last long enough.

  11. That photo of the glowing water balloon is amazing!


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