Tuesday, December 11

the important things.....

The floors not mopped, the shelves are still dusty.
I'll use the long life milk in the cupboard tomorrow
And hope the washing basket is not too full
With so much to do and so little time
Today was not the day of chores and boring
A mask was made to accompany his handmade creation for tomorrows exhibition
A birthday pressie was made* and delivered
We caught up with dear friends and exchanged homemade gifts
Some last minute baking for a special guest tomorrow
And what's Christmas preparations without a bit of brown paper and twine.

Oh Christmas is here!

How are you managing the lead up?  Do you let the boring jobs slide?  Oh...and last chance to enter my Christmas Giveaway....Ends tonight!

*more on this one later


  1. Love seeing little snippets of other people's lives. Merry Christmas lead up!

  2. You're having Kirst over? No way! :)
    I totally let everything slide in the lead up, we're too busy having fun crafting and such to worry about housework.

  3. The MOST important things. Good friends, good crafting, good cooking all tied up with brown paper and twine. Enjoy meeting up with K tomorrow. x

  4. Things are sliding a bit here too but am planning on catching up this week - I wished you lived over the fence Brenda so we could let our housework slide, the kids can play and we can drink tea and eat cake! x

  5. Housework definitely sliding here.... but that's pretty usual over here. ;). You're making it all seem so worth while to let it slide some more. Will definitely take your advice today. I love the handmade element at Christmas!

  6. good luck today x can't wait to see the results :)

    been playing naughts and kisses (as jack calls it) all night x

  7. Your home always looks so warm and inviting...full of creative energy and much love. WIshing you a lovely lead up to "man in the red suit" day. :) xx

  8. Thanks for having me. Thanks for the gorgeous coffee and beautiful cake and thank you for being just the loveliest of lovely creative spacers. xxx


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