Wednesday, December 5

Christmas Giveaway

As I continue on my homemade Christmas Journey, a thought occurred, possibly in the wee hours of the night, when most creativity strikes....a little handmade giveaway.  I've not done a giveaway for so long, which means it must be time, and what better time than the season of giving.  So to say thanks for for spending time here on this special little place of mine, I'm offering one person a package of my handmade goodies.  Some things I've been making for ages, some just now...but all I love to make and fill my need to express my creativity in all sorts of ways.

The Christmas Giveaway Package will include

:: 1   An Oh So Handy Key Fob - in true MiraNarnie style, my favourite yellow and grey fabric on black webbing.
:: 2   Set of 4 napkins made with light weight cotton, with rolled edge.
:: 3   Clay bead necklace strung on leather strap in gorgeous hues perfect for summer!
:: 4   Pin cushion - a cute double sided fabric pin cushion filled with poly fill and adorned with ribbon and buttons.
:: 5   Boy's Movie Quote Print (A4 size) - Don't forget the boys in your life...for those that love the movies, this will provide loads of fun!
:: 6   Six Christmas tags decorated with Christmas washi tape and red twine - all your need to do is write on them and pop on a gift! 

You could keep them all for yourself or this little package might help tick a few last minute gifts off your list!

Ok, so how to enter?  I was going to make it a random draw, but apparently that doesn't comply with our States Gaming Requirements. So it has to be a game of skill.  These are the T's & C's of this here giveaway.

Please, make sure you are a follower of this here blog and comment answering the following question:

              Tell me why you need or would like this Handmade Christmas Package?

The Giveaway will be open from 8.30am (EDST) on Wednesday 5th December and close on Tuesday 11th December at 12 midnight (EDST).  The prize winner will be judged by my darling husband whom I will read out only your answers so he wont know who said what! This is a game of skill and the most interesting/entertaining comment will win.  The giveaway is open to all Australian Residents, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 12th of December and contacted by email or via your blog, so be sure to make sure I can contact you.   Decision is final, and one winner will win all of the above and package will posted directly to the winner.

Good luck


*** Competition now CLOSED!  winner was Em from Tea cup too  - Congrats Em xx


  1. I would love this turn up in my post! firstly, I love getting mail :) secondly I have a ten year old boy who who quickly hang the poster. The necklace will be shared I am sure with my eldest daughter. Key fob - yes please!! Pin cushion will go straight to the sewing room! napkins will be perfect for mum (our family is too big)and christmas tape gifted or maybe one hoarded :)

  2. Gorgeous giveaway - I am however sulking due to it only being open to Australian Residents. I was there in May on holiday. Does that count?? Still love your blog LOADS! Have a fab week! xo

  3. Lovely giveaway Brenda! hmmm.... now, why would I NEED to win this lot... well, for one, it looks like it has been tailored to my taste. Why I would LIKE this giveaway to come to me is that I absolutely positively ADORE getting snail mail. Bulky snail mail at that!

    love your blog, love your pics on IG.


  4. I would love this gorgeous handmade Christmas package, because i'm sure my hubby will get me something crummy! xo

  5. I NEED this Christmas Giveaway package - because I am moving house on the 18th of December. I will be in the throes of unpacking boxes and stuffing cupboards. I will wear the beads to make me forget about my unkempt hair, and no time to shower. I will hang the keyfob on my NEW house keys by the front door and admire them as I walk in and out with the junk I'm filling the house up with. I will panic about the Christmas presents I haven't made yet, but your pincushion will make that easier - or I will just give it to my mother-in-law instead of finishing hers, and pretend I made it myself ;)
    The tags will be perfect for the gifts I have already made, to keep to the handmade charm. They're gorgeous!
    I will use the napkins in my new kitchen, before I unpack any of my pretty things, so I will NEED them to look at. And my son would LOVE to hang the print up in his new big boy bedroom that will be SISTER FREE.
    That is all ;)

  6. I'd love to win this mainly for my lovely mum, who deserves to be spoilt some more this season.

    (Then again I can see the poster going up in the office, we're a family of quirky traits and pieces)


  7. Gorgeous giveaway!! So many reasons why I'd LOVE this Christmas gift pack - I have been meaning to buy a new key fob for AGES, but haven't got around to it - I really love that grey & yellow fabric. Fave colour combination of mine.

    The clay bead necklace would go perfectly with my navy maxi dress, my new bright green tee I bought last week, and a black tee I wear to death but looks kinda boring - I need some colour to jazz it up.

    Christmas tags - they are gorgeous and would be used up in an instant, I've started shopping but not wrapping yet!

    Thanks for the chance to win, all the gifts are gorgeous!


  8. Simply because I love handcrafted gifts. A little of someone's personality & love has gone into them, thus making them truly unique.

  9. Handmade gifts are the best gifts. I make alot myself also and they are always that much more special because of the love, time & effort you put into them ♥
    These are gorhgeous gifts, they'd be for me lol

  10. There is no better a gift you can give a friend than a handmade item. It is so much more personal than something you buy off the shelf and I would love to give these to members of my family.

  11. I love famous movie quotes, and this lovingly made package will not go astray next to my sewing machine and overlocker. :)

  12. Oh, I soooo need this! I havent even started my christmas shopping yet!!!!!! And there I was declaring earlier this year that I was going to make everything myself! Now I dont need to cause you've done it for me!

  13. Hancrafted gifts that make me unique,
    looking fantastic and especially chick!
    lots of colours that make me smile
    would love to win to be in style ♥

  14. because pretty things make my heart skip a beat, in such a good way. and i need to find the perfect boys poster:) x ashley

  15. It's all good but I need this Handmade Christmas Package to get my mitts on that gorgeous clay bead necklace... the latter will be especially good with summer's white t-shirts!

  16. Ooh, what a gorgeous selection of goodies Brenda!
    Can I opt for someone else? Hands down I think Em deserves to win ;)

  17. i would love to win and i love love the Pin cushion i love handmade its so original and its something you just never part with and keep to pass own to your children what a fab giveaway thanks so much

  18. This sweet package would be,
    a way to treat family meaningfully,
    a necklace for my best friend and napkins for my mother,
    a pin cushion for my sister and the movie print for my brother!

  19. I'm hopeless at craft, I really can't sew,
    My attempts at baking are tales of woe!
    Haven't the knack for knitting,the patience for beading...
    So a handmade prize like this is what I'm needing!


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