Thursday, December 6

jam session....

This week, I got together with my bestie for a jam making session.  We both wanted to make a variety of jams to give as gifts at Christmas time and decided that the joy of making should be shared.

So we chose some jam recipes* and headed off to the local fruit market, nonna trolley in tow.  We scoured around and found our produce, and made some variations due to some fruits that weren't available and others that were just too good of a bargin to leave behind.   The imperfect fruit was pefect!

At home we donned aprons, cut, chopped measured and stired.  The aroma's were heavenly as the fruit were transformed into bubbling masses and then thick sticky jams.

Carefully poured into awaiting empty jars, and then later adorned with a snip of fabric and a touch of Christmas trim, these handmade jams are ready. 

Joining in with the ever inspiring crew found here.

*Jams we made were;  spiced pumpkin and orange jam, strawberry jam, mango and apple jam.  I made the red onion chutney a few weeks back.  We also made peanut butter.  Anyone for a p & j sambo? Well, you know the peanut butter is a hit when your children eat it straight from the jar!! 

Also, if you like, please enter my handmade Christmas giveaway! 


  1. YUM! They look amazing! Our raspberry patch has gone crazy so we will be having a big jam making session very soon too. Good timing, we are down to the last jar from last year's batch!

  2. they look so beautiful, what a lovely productive day.

  3. Snap! My friend Leigh and I are planning on do the same thing. I have a lot of fruit trees and am planning on bottling and making jam. Probably after Christmas though. I love the red and white string against the grey. Fab idea! x

  4. Oh yes I agree that the joy of making should be shared and what better way to do that than with a jam session. I am rather intrigued by the pumpkin and orange spiced jam.
    Your gifts, I am sure, will be delightfully received.

  5. that sounds like my kind of day !! and red onion chutney is my idea of heaven in a jar ...

    see you on tuesday, i've got some homemade xmas goodies for you my love x

  6. Market shopping and shared jam making sound like such a fun gift making activity. One year I bought a heap of cherries and gave cherry jam. I really should do that again once my fruit trees are fruiting. I love the rustic fabric and twine touch.

  7. ooooh that sounds like such a lovely day :)I would love to make my own jam one day!
    Ellen xx

  8. The aroma is almost jumping off the page. xxx

  9. I have wanted to try Jamming for like forever. I really have to try after seeing your gorgeous jams. You have officially inspired me :) x

  10. What a perfect day! Everything looks and sounds so delicious. And what a wonderful way to make a whole lot of different types. Hope your week is gorgeous :) xx

  11. You made your own peanut butter!? That's it... I am moving in!


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