Thursday, November 1

times are changing... {our creative space}

I've noticed my little apprentice has developed a lovely trait called patience.  Not all the time I may add, but when it benefits her, I seem to be able to complete a rather complex task with her watchful eyes enjoying the thrill of something being created right before those deep brown jewels.

Lately, she has run up to me "mum mum, can you make me a....{dress, costume, bag, pillow}" 

"can I watch you cut it, can I help, I will give you the pin.....why are you ironing that section?"

And the delight she shows about my sewing machine has me realising that my technical skills are very lacking, but hoping that the simple...."oh yes, the machine is so clever, it goes up down, up down, wirrrr, up down, wirrrr and makes stitches to stick the fabric together" I say when she asks for all sorts of explanations.

In the space of a few days, I've been able to whip up two delightful dresses, a heart shaped pillow (which is slightly visible on the bottom left of the photo above) and a nurses costume all under the supervisors eager interest.  Sometimes she sits on my lap making sewing a rather challenging versus easy process, and other times I find her at my feet placing each pin I pass her into a little cushion.  Essential girly chatter always necessary.

Her enjoyment when the fabric is converted into something else is palpable and her delight in the handmade a value I hope she retains for the rest of her life!

It's also the start of a month of creative spaces via instagram, so if your on IG follow along #amonthof  #mycreativespace.  I've snapped a picture of my teeny tiny sewing room @miranarnie, but I fear that now I'll be sharing that room with my little apprentice more and more!

Joining in with these creative peeps.

*all photos from my iPhone 


  1. You are such a clever mum! Love the dresses and the nurses costume is fab:) Well done you.
    I looked at #mycreativespace and have major imposter syndrome...don't feel like I have anything to show!

  2. Your dresses look so pretty, I'm not surprised your daughter is delighted with them.

  3. I think you may have a budding sewer in the making!

  4. Gorgeous! I too have a little helper at my place... apparently the worlds most important job is the PinCushion LookerAfterer!!!!

  5. Dresses are gorgeous!! So clever you are! I love that you can share your talents with your little one. No doubt she will learn these skills too xx

  6. So gorgeous!!
    I too have a little apprentice, who asks questions non-stop, and wants to touch and "help" with everything I'm doing! :)


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