Friday, November 30

just in time...

I thought I had been rather organised this year in the lead up to Christmas.  I have decided to give many handmade gifts and use the flexibility of online shopping for those that I want to buy for.   I managed to snap up a Melbourne Zoo for a family pass for friends,   two magazine subscriptions from MagShop (it's the gift that gives all year!!).  I also thought this coffee machine would make a great gift and it was delivered the next day.  My good friend Blurb speedily made and sent me gorgeous personalised diaries with pictures of the kids throughout the year.  It's a good feeling knowing I could avoid the shopping centres this year.

But the one item that I thought I had oodles of time for was the advent calendar.  I realised I had about 48 hours till countdown began!  I did find myself with some time, however it was so hot there was no venturing out to any craft store near or far.  So we used what we had at home searching for inspiration high and low.  My darling daughter loves to paint and draw and the collection when I pick her up from Kinder over the course of the year has resulted in a large draw full just of her artwork.

So with a few careful selections, a cut, snip, glue, print, staple and improvisation we made our own advent calendar.  I bit of jute twine strung up with some picture frame hooks and some quick tassels made with crepe paper and it has a whimsy Christmassy vibe.    A secret activity hidden behind each one, and I am feeling ready for the festivities.

Now is Santa is listening or reading...I did on my travels spot this gorgeous set of Orla Kiely tins from Lark! I do hope I've been good!

Have got your advent calendar ready?


  1. I love your advent calendar. Online shopping is fantastic - a mix of handmade and bought is always good. And oh my - those Orla Kiely tins are gorgeous. I want them too! I might have to forward the link to my lovely man and see if he can take a hint. Happy Friday!!! xo

  2. I love the eclectic-ness of your advent calendar (is that even a word?) it is rather charming.
    I have definitely dropped the eight ball this year in regards to being organised for this, I think it's going to be a late night.
    Those tins have stolen my heart.

  3. Cutest {and clever!} advent calendar! I must make one next year with my girls xx

  4. love a homemade advent calendar where kids are involved! Gorgeous. I eyed off those orla kiely tins from lark also when the email came last week. nice! hope you're lucky!

  5. The homemade variet of Advent Calendars are the best. The lads love our home made ones too! Oh, that Lark gift sounds lovely, I hope hubby reads your blog! xxx

  6. Such a sweet idea! It's lovely that the small people were involved with the making of it.


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