Saturday, November 17

I'm grateful for {inspiration}

This week I've come across some wonderful inspiration to be grateful for....

Gratefulness can't always come from within...perhaps sometimes it needs to be an external source that makes you take stock and go "gee...that made me think!"

A girlfriend stopped by earlier this week and provided the much needed friendly face, coffee and chat that we both needed.  A gentle reminder that friendship is so importnant. Value it, hold it and don't take it for granted.

I read this wonderful post, and my heart broke into a thousand pieces and made me want to rush and hug my children and whisper secretly in my mind that they would never experience this type of hardship but still be mindful that some are not so fortunant.

I found not one but a few lovely new(ish) blogs that I love exploring and feel the excitement I did when I first started blogging and finding kindred spirits in the blogging community.  This post made me value motherhood at its core and I really appreicated the honesty with which it was written and could relate on many levels.

So this week I'm grateful for inspriation from near and far.

Joining in here.

Happy days to you all


  1. Gorgeous post. loving the inspiring mummy posts I have been finding in blogland lately too!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos! And words! Off to check out all the posts that have inspired you xx

  3. Beautiful photos! And words! Off to check out the posts that inspired you xx

  4. That was a nice surprise Brenda! I only started my blog a couple of months ago and to be honest I thought it might be another thing that I probably would'nt stick with. But I'm hooked. I love it and the lovely people I'm meeting online. Your photo is gorgeous by the way. Have a wonderful weekend. Elaina xo

  5. Gorgeous photos of gorgeous people! So lovely to stumble across lovely little nooks in this ginormous online world. You're a gem for sharing them. Hope your Sunday is magnificent xx

  6. Such a gorgeous family! YOu have a lovely way with words. Btw, I think we all need a tute on how you did your amainzing tablecloth I have been seeing pop up on instagram with your lovely dinners!!!!

  7. Hi Brenda, Just popping over here to thank you for your sweet comments on my last Post and got the surprise of my life! Thank you so much lovely lady. The feeling is mutual and I'm really happy to have found your lovely space here. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Mel xx

  8. A little bit of inspiration can certainly go a long way. Thanks for the reminder of this.
    What lovely family photo's. x

  9. You're an inspiration yourself in that lovely ensemble, Bren. x

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