Monday, September 10

Read, reading, next {investment effect}

What do you do when you start reading a book and it's a bit of a flop? Or not as good as you hoped...?  How much time do you invest before deciding if you'll finish it or toss it for something else?  I don't often not finish a book I start.  But then at the same time, what's the point when for me, reading is enjoyment and a bit of selfish me time that quite literally I don't have to a dull book, no thanks!

I did leave a book unread last week.  I may go back to it - I may not. I hadn't invested that much into it, and I wasn't getting any exciting vibes and it didn't help that two independent sources gave me rather realistic views that it didn't get any more exciting or gripping or that thrill that makes you want to pick it up and read it.  May be it didn't help that I started reading this, after claiming my previous book as my read of the had big boots to fill!  So it's back on the shelf... but here are some books I have read, am currently reading and are on my list....

Read ....

Overseas by Beatriz Williams.  Oh my!  A lovely, sweet, beautifully written storey of romance, history and with a twist of time travel thrown in for good measure it was a delight to read and at time I found myself still reading at 2am (sign of good book yes?) this book at the moment has been my read of the year. 


Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald.  A great classic.  I cannot recall how many times I've started this book but not finished it. Not because I ddin't like it, but once I think I lost it...then I forgot whilst on away for the weekend and another book took it's place each time.  Finally I'm determined to finish it.  The movie has been made!  Leo as the Great Gastby I'm intrigued to see this novel transition to the big screeen and I'm loving all the snippets we are getting of the costumes that made that era so enviable!  Can't wait..


Last letter from my lover..Jojo Moyes.  I've read a book already by this author and that's one of the reasons why this is on my list.  Set back in the 1960's two lovers write letters to one another...and then they are found in 2008 by a journalist and she embarks on a mission to find out whether or not they lived happily ever after. 

What's on your list and do you suffer from the Investment effect?  How much do you invest in a book before you decide to go on or leave it for another? 


  1. i used to have to finish any book i started but now i think life's too short and there are plenty of fabulous reads to be read so i ditch them, also i get all my books at the library these days so it not like i've parted with any cash .... x

    hope you enjoy your turkish delight cupcakes :)

  2. Oh you're good for reading, i'm a slow reader & like things simple, i'm struggling with a book a friend gave me & raved about it, not digging it. She keeps asking me how much i love it, it's an autobiography of a lady i don't know, who is in her 50s & having an affair. Um, me?? No it's not. Love Posie

  3. I have a copy of War and Peace with a book mark over half way through it. It was a goal of mine but then along came a bubby (the first one!) and so it has sat. I'm too far into it to go back to the beginning but it's been so long since I picked it up I don't really have a clue. Tolstoy likes to have oodles of characters so I'm rather confused!! Should I start again? Don't know if I have it in me. Hope all is lovely :) x


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