Wednesday, September 5

Snap it {Shiny}

Of all the things I love about my house, it's the morning sun shining in.  I know it really isn't much to with my house per say, maybe it's the position of it but getting a glimpse of sun rays shining through the living room and kitchen windows and over the neighbours big tree is a great way to start the day.

Taken on Instagram a few days a go when the sun was shining oh so bright and people were smiling and cheerful!  Do you think the sunshine makes people happier?

Play along here


  1. Sunshine definitely makes me happier - and more resilient
    Love how spring has started

  2. YES definitely happier people... the sun brings out everyone's smiles! I love the array of colours this shiny image brings out too!

  3. Beautiful sunshiny shot, I'm much happier at this time of year!

  4. you turning up on my doorstep with dinner makes me happy x love the shots of the kids in the snow :)

  5. Oh absolutely!! I have definately noticed a change in people when the sun is out, so much happier....if only it could stay out a little longer! Beautiful shot too, a little magical!


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