Tuesday, September 11

way beautiful day

When it's a sunny bright day, my kids deem it a "way beautiful day"-  It's there way of saying it's going to a great weather and well, it's stuck and we all use that saying now.  Today is no exception.  It's a way beautiful day.  It was spent outside with friends, soaking up some vitamin D, sharing baked lemon brownies, enjoying treats dropped off by delightful neighbours, picking flowers, napping and reading, planning for new adventures.

Enjoying this way beautiful day!
What's your perfect way to enjoy a bright sunshiney day?



  1. Way beautiful photos! You are going to be Mr. Coulson's star pupil!! Not long til we finally get to meet lovely lady!!! YAY!!!! Hope all is wonderful and have a safe trip :) x
    See you soon...yay!!!!

  2. Baked lemon brownies???!!!! Totes need that recipe!

  3. Oh, how I love days like this! Wednesday was a day like that for me, and I went home so happy and refreshed! Thanks for the picnic on another beautiful day! Xx


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