Tuesday, May 1

what's your favourite line....

A little while back I made a Movie Quote Print for a friend of ours.  It became quite a talking point and some others were made at friends' request.

Now they are available in my shop.

I did a Romantic Movie one for us girls and one full of quotes from all those macho boys movies!  I'll admit I have favourites on both....I'm partial to a good action flick every now again and it was almost impossible not to catch enough of The Godfather Epic for some of it to stick....but never fear girls....My hubby has reciprocated through The Notebook, Pretty Woman and The Princess Bride in our years together!  All classics in my eyes....and have some of the most memorable lines.  

But I'd love to know...

What's your ultimate favourite line from any movie??  The one that makes you weak at the knees or keeling over in laughter...reaching for the kleenex or doing your best impersonation??

Do share?


  1. "Mawage, Mawage is what bwings us togeva today"... Princess Bride :)

  2. I can never remember my faves. I need to write them down. I hear them and I think 'GREAT line' and then it's gone again.

    These look terrific, Bren. x

  3. "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Preparrrrre to die!" hmmm, not very romantic, is it?

  4. Daz and I have rather a collection that we pull out to emphasise life's moments. Quite a few from Lord of the Rings, Shakespeare in Love, Breakfast at Tiffany's...and from him...Weird Science and any of the Griswald movies (you know when they go to Wally World) Him and his brothers could almost recite the movies...drives us all batty :) x

  5. Brenda, you are so clever! I love this!

    I'm the person who thinks she'll remember the line, but then promptly forgets. I'm the girl who forgets the punchline. Absolutely hopeless at telling jokes!

    This would save me though. Such a gorgeous idea! xx


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