Monday, May 7

blog gone....

Ok yesterday the strangest thing occurred.    I turned on my computer and typed in my blog address and I met with an error....

My blog address could not be found.

It disappeared. Poof!  Gone....

I typed it in again, and again and again but to no avail, that little message read that my blog had been deleted and the address could not be re-used at this present time.

Oh dear.

Strangely enough I felt really odd.  I think I may have panicked slightly.  A lot of things are on this blog that I want to keep, like a journal, a record....of sort.

Never fear..the fact that you are reading this post suggests that the problem was solved.  Thanks Google!

Ever lost your blog?  or even something else in the depth of the www?

Did you freak out just how cyber space can loose something but then magically find it?  Can it help me find all my odd socks?

Should I be backing up the stuff I post on my blog (the stuff I really really want to keep?)



  1. I most certainly would have panicked! How did you get it back???? And we should probably be backing up praps.... could someone teach me how to do that with a blog?????

  2. I lost mine once & I totally freaked out!! There is SO much I would hate to loose, I really should look into saving it somehow. I don't know how to back up either..

  3. NOTE TO SELF - DO Backup! That happened me once and I was so upset, I loved the fact that my little blog is a record of my shopping adventures and bits and pieces about other stuff over the last few years, would hate to lose it :-(

  4. Scary! Glad you got it all back! I know nothing about backing up blogs.... let us know when u get the answer.

  5. Oh my goodness, I didn't realise this could happen! That would totally freak me out, I love all the tid bits I had going on in my blog.
    So glad you reclaimed your little space and fingers crossed it doesn't happen again!

  6. Eeek! I wouldn't even know HOW to back it up! So pleased you foundit all again. I'm sure blogger just does random loopy things every now andthen to keep us on our toes. Hope all is lovely in your little slice of the world. Much love :) x

  7. Glad to see your still about Brenda. I wondered if you had left you world of bloggging behind. Good to see that is not the case!

  8. Double eeeek! I had all those posts disappear fom my blg a while ago. They never came back... It felt odd, but no matter. x

  9. Oh no! I have to say, that has happened a couple of times to me, and the moment it's found, I've gone and backed it up. Nothing like losing it to prompt some mad backing up!

    And if you find your odd socks, can you please let me know? xx


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