Thursday, May 10

my {actual} creative space....

Well, I'm not sure if words are necessary with such a photo overload of a post, but there was just so much to capture.  This is now my actual craft room in the "after" category.  If you'd like to see the before have a look at this post. 

A quick summary....
  • I completely removed everything and tried to start from scratch
  • A visit to ikea for a portable trolley and some storage for the cupboard
  • Some contact from Bunnings for the sewing machine bench
  • A pin board covering in some Ikea fabric
  • A chair cover made
  • A organisation rack made from an old cot rail
  • A make-shift desk made with milk crates, four years worth of Real Living Magazines and a bit of coated ply board. 
  • A coat of paint to the cupboard door (miss tint from Bunnings! - Yellow suede effect) 
  • Heaps of 3M hooks 
  • Personal touches....some artwork from the kids, a favourite photo of my Grandmother in Egypt, a cross stitch I did when I was twelve, some overseas momento's and retro finds at the local oppy. 
Voila!  A revamped craft room...

For a total room full of creativity head over to A NEW space for us creative types over here....


  1. Perfect. Just perfect! You'll be an even cleverer crafty clog wearer now... x

  2. Absolutely love the finished room! I am super jealous that you have yourself a personal crafty space!
    xo Beck
    P.S The Egypt picture is great, such a beautiful memento xo

  3. Oh Brenda - you've done an amazing job!!! How could you not get creative juice flowing in that space!! I'm so glad you showed so many photos. I love every one. The cote rail - genius! that little cupboard - adorable. Excuse my ignorance, but what are the hooks with fabric attached?

  4. That is one awesome creative space. Big love, small green envy monster fighting to get out... love love love delightfully yellow dandelion print - too cool for skool!!! Brilliant! ...and it looks so fresh - no dust build up... you've put my space to shame.
    SNAP - I think we use the same model sewing machine.

  5. What a beautiful space. to have the sewing machine set up permanently ready for use is a little dream of mine.

  6. Wow - what an awesome little crafty space! Love the red & white polkadot sewing bench, and all your little touches are just lovely.

  7. Great space- loving the ikea fabric on your pin board, the tidy sewing space ( mine never looks like that) the orderly cupboard, rolls of lovely fabric and I really need a cotton holder like yours!! Did you make or purchase? Enjoy your space!

  8. C'est Magnifique!! Loving all the pops of yellow! And everything in its own little home. You must be giddy with excitement every time you walk in there. Have the projects begun? Wishing you a gorgeous weekend lovely friend ) xx

  9. I dont know where to start with how dreadfully wonderful your crafty area is! You have used some marvellous ideas here missy - love the ribbons on the paper towel roll thingy!

  10. Looks amazing Brenda! I love how much colour there is. And I love that you started from scratch and put it all back in. Makes for even more inspiration I think!

    Well done. A HUGE job done!


  11. Gorgeous space! Loving the warm yellow and the canisters for storage. Looks like you have plenty of inspiration (and space!) in there.

  12. your space is absolutely perfect! i love it all, especially that you are a magazine hoarder like me!!!
    missing your smile gorgeous girl!
    hope you'll be able to join me for the biggest morning tea(in the afternoon :P)

  13. Wow, so many creative touches! I just love it :) Our craft rooms would be friends!

  14. oh my god i'm so jealous !! it would be my dream to have a creative room like yours !!

  15. Wow, Brenda! What a sensory overload you have here - it's delightful. I'm always fascinated to see other people's creative spaces. Yours has so much energy bursting forth from it - fabulous. Thanks so much for linking this up to the POTMC. J x

  16. What a great space for you and your craft!


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