Wednesday, April 10

a man with a dream

A man with a dream put the call out for some help last night.  As I thought about his pledge, about his vision and about his dream, something deep within me really wanted to do something proactive to help his cause. This man has a vision which in essence is quite simple.  To bring organic vegetables to the folk of Melbourne.

This man is Rohan Anderson.  For sure you've heard of him by now. He blogs over at Whole Larder Love  and has a book of the same title that we have laboured through to cook a many a meal.  It's dog eared and splattered with bits of bubbling stews from our attempts to replicate his creations.

Rohan now needs support.  His Organic Vegetable delivery box needs people.  People like you and me to make an order, to drive on a Saturday morning to a pick up location and collect your stash.  If your worried about what's in there, or value for money, I can put your mind at ease.  This box is full to the brim of gorgeous organic seasonal produce.  The veg come fresh with the dirt they were pulled from the day before and as a family we make an event of cleaning it up, working out meals and spending the week devouring the wonderful meals.   It's a far cry from the glossy veg all lined up at your local giant supermarket, but this is real food, delivered by a real man in his truck.

So if you live in Melbourne and love good food and supporting local people with great ideas, click here and order now.  


  1. Oh, how fabulous! If we didn't already have a garden (or were even in Melbourne for that matter), we would totally do this! I'll spread the word around though. How wonderful! xxx

  2. If I was Melbourne based, I would embrace Roha's dream with gusto! x


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