Saturday, April 20


16/52 - A portrait each week every week for a year

J - Chatting away over breaky watching the sunlight catch your beautiful face
M - Having so much fun taking these photos, I kept this one to share today 

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  1. Your children are so gorgeous Brenda with their big dark eyes and beautiful smiles. Have a lovely weekend. Melinda x

  2. Oh, these photos are delightful. I love the morning light on J, and M's giggle. It's infectious! I think you may be my favourite photos of the week already! xx

  3. lovely happy childen... adore it.

  4. Your shots are just getting better and better, Bren. I loved that series of 'girl' photos and it's lovely to see a new one today. x

  5. love the joy in both of these shots x


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