Tuesday, October 2

simple living

After a busy morning taking the kids to the indoor pool and then a trip to the library for Italian story time, a quiet afternoon was required.   The sun was shining and we spent a lot of the time outside enjoying the spring air (ice-cream and strawberries) and reading books in the shade...  I also made headway with a few other projects.

Images 1 & 2 - old cloth nappies being cut up and edged in binding I made up last night to make some re-usable wash cloths for around the home
Images 3 & 4 - roasting some almonds while tonights dinner (mushroom tart) was baking away
Image 5 - stitching an array coloured thread on some fabric that will soon be turned into napkins for the family.

How have you spent your day today?


  1. What a lovely day you have had. Dinner looks yum too. We have had a home day today. Nothing more than pottering, a walk, playing outside and an afternoon snooze. xo

  2. Your post feels nice and homely Brenda. Turning old nappies into cloths and making look pretty with that trim is such a clever idea. Today we spent the day at home watching some dvds and eating popcorn, generally just relaxing at home I think it's what we need before we head into a busy last term at school. :)

  3. Simple living: the very best kind. x

  4. I love days like this. I really do.

  5. Sounds like a beautiful day! Love that binding...it will make you smile when you use those cloths. Hope all is lovely gorgeous girl :) x

  6. What a blissful day! Sounds very packed to me.

    I'd be keen to see more photos of your napkins and washcloths if you had any once finished. I have some linen cotton fabric I purchased for napkins and i've been needing some inspiration.

  7. Productive and crafty! Time well spent indeed. Love the fabric choice for the binding. :)


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