Monday, February 13

A dress a day {7-12}

Dress 7

I'm still going - I'm not even half way really!  It has really astounded me just doing this challenge just how many dresses I have.  My friend told her mother-in-law about my challenge, and during school pick up the other day,  I was helping said MIL find the right class room when she said "so, I take it this is dress 9?"  So no excuses.  It is giving me a good distraction whilst I also face the challenge of being a school mum for the first time.... and a Kinder mum for the second time.  It has been a week of nerves....for all of us! 

And yes, I missed dress 8 (I took a sickie as I had an ear infection) and thought trackies were a much better option!

Here's a run down on my week that was in dresses.....

Dress 9

Dress 10

Dress 11

Dress 12

Dress 7 -  Ladakh bought in a country boutique with patent belt from Dotti
Dress 9 - striped maxi t-shirt dress from Dorothy Perkins, scarf from Cotton On, Sandals bought in Italy.
Dress 10 - Dress from Dotti with socks from sportsgirl and shoes from Myer
Dress 11 - Made by my with a pink cardi and patent belt from dotti
Dress 12 - Kmart polka dot dress

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  1. Dress 12 is delish. Polka dots never go out of style. x

  2. I'm impressed! I'd have to stop at Dress 2, I think. Though my collection is growing...


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