Wednesday, February 22

dress a day {13-19}

day 14

I'm still here....and still wearing dresses - day in day out!  Ok - I admit dresses are not practical for everything..  Like last weekend we had a great "fix it" day at home whereby we just potted around at home and got things done. I painted the front door.  Something I've wanted to do for 7 years, and finally got around to it.  That was not the occasion for a dress, but luckily we went out with friends to a local mexican restaurant for margaritas and nacho's.  

I also discovered sadly that I don't quite fit into one dress anymore.  But as my friend rightly pointed out....your body is not the same after kids! 

Here is my week in dresses....

Day 15

day 16

day 17

day 17

day 18

day 19

Dress 14 - sweater dress from local boutique
Dress 15 - zip up black dress purchased with a voucher from a small country boutique
Dress 16 - I have no idea where or when this one arrived in my possession! 
Dress 17 - maxi dress from local store
Dress 18 - on shoulder floral dress from Target
Dress 19 -  Marcs by Marc Jacobs (sadly a little tight on the hips - thinking of chopping it and making it into a skirt!)   I haven't worn it since 2007 when I actually got below my pre-pregnancy weight.  

I'm on the home stretch now....



  1. I'm in awe that you have so many dresses! My fave is number 18 - gotta love target!

  2. hows life as a school mum ?? !! i can actually see you painting the front door in a dress with a wee scarf on your head holding back your hair .... sounds like a cop out to me .... ;)

  3. Loving the off the shoulder number!! Are you completely over dresses?!! Hope all is lovely in your world my gorgeous bloggy friend :) x

  4. I love all of those dresses. No favourites - I can't choose!



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