Sunday, January 27

in the kitchen

This week it's no surprise my images reflect food, cooking and time spent in the Kitchen.  The kids and I really bunkered down this week and enjoyed preparing meals together, trying new foods and making loads of things from scratch...

::  Making bread rolls
::  Chopping up veggies for lunch
::  Fresh bread rolls straight from the oven
::  Wholemeal apple and sultana muffins
::  The fruit market - admiring all the colours, textures and having fun picking what we want
::  We came home with a great purchase of roma tomatoes for a spot of preserving*
::  Busy making our own laundry powder
::  A trip to Queen Vic Market
::  Pastry section always our first stop to fill empty tummies whilst we fill our trolley with fresh seafood.

what have you been up to this week?  And what's been cooking in your kitchen of late?

Joining in with Em at the Shack. 


*which was a success so will no doubt require it's own blog post.


  1. Brenda your week looks like mine! Full of food - cooking, baking, eating and growing! You have such lovely pictures :)

    Sophie xo

  2. How's the laundry powder? I keep reading about people making their own mixtures and them working just as well and am always intrigued! Gorgeous pics once again.

    1. I find it great Sonia! recipe I use is 4 cups soap flakes (lux) 2 cups borax and 2 cups washing soda (make sure it's washing soda) - mix it all up and add 2 tbsp per wash load. If you want a heavy duty powder add 1 cup of powdered oxygen bleach to that mix.

  3. I love how enriched your childrens lives are by you gently encouraging a passion for cooking, these are the things that fond childhood memories are made of :)
    This weeks been a somewhat slow one but we have been busy in the I type this our little one is helping daddy knead bread.


  4. What a great week! Always lovely to see kiddies in the kitchen. I have a great recipe for laundry powder. Will forward it to you. xo

  5. yum - creating yummy memories and good habits for the future - great work

  6. Brenda you've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week, it all looks so good I especially love those fresh baked rolls. Wishing you a wonderful week. xx

  7. Oh, I want to be in your kitchen! And loving that you're making your own washing powder. Snap! Such a wonderful mummy. Your kids have the best examples in their little lives. xx

  8. how you make me want to enjoy cooking more, my home economics teacher at school called me a 'recurring nightmare' at school and my kitchen time has followed a similar theme ever since! great to find you and now following along xxxx

  9. I love your captures. The eggplants look amazing, your daughter is gorgeous: love the concentration on her face. I have been meaning to make laundry powder for EVER, but couldn't find the washing soda once and put it all on the back shelf. I really need to just do it!
    Your rolls and muffins are making my mouth water, and inspiring me to bake - I might do a similar muffin mix for the freezer in preparation for lunchboxes this year. I'm determined to fill them with homemade goodness more often than not this year, I got a bit lazy towards the end of last year!
    Enjoy your public holiday lovely, and have a wonderful week! xxx

  10. Everything looks so good! I do miss our visits to the vic market..x

  11. This is the perfect way to bunker down.
    Your bread rolls look amazing! That's on my list tomorrow before school starts back.

  12. What a gorgeous humming little kitchen you have there. Preserving and washing powder making in this little kitchen too! Great minds lovely friend :) x


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