Wednesday, April 4

Early bird or night owl???

My son has always been an early riser. Lately its been 5.30am that I hear him stir. When daylight saving changed he woke at 4.30. Not good. He's always been this way and finally I feel I'm just getting used to it. You see I'm definitely a night owl. Not the partying up late kind, but the type that likes to potter around, I get things done, I read, craft and other such stuff and then I just let myself collapse in sheer exhaustion. I'm not that great in the morning. But I'm better than I used to be.

I lay awake this morning after directing my son to a quiet activity at 5.45am realising that I've had to become an early bird, but still love being a night owl.

In other news....

I'm busy preparing for a market this upcoming Easter Saturday. It's my first outdoor market and my first country market. I feel it's going to be big...the street gets closed, there is a parade, rides, music and crafty and homemade goodness on offer. I'm excited...

Here are some of my mobiles... And it only just dawned on me that I make both an early bird and a night owl!! How fitting!!!

What are you... Early bird or night owl??
And what are your children??


  1. I am a night owl and my children are both early risers. When there's school they're in bed by 830 pm and they wake up at 6 am. Now that it's the summer break here they can sleep as late as 930-10. I don't go to sleep 'til midnight and I'd sometimes be up 'til 1 am or 2 am when there's work that I have to finish or when there's a good book I can't just put down. So you can imagine how sleep deprived I am! I love those owl mobiles!!!! <3

  2. I have early birds here too! Drives me bonkers as they are all sooooo loud! And now throw an excitable puppy into the mix!!!!

    Your mobiles are gorgeous! Which market are you going to???? Hope it's all busy and you sell up a storm!

  3. I'd have to be an early riser always have been really. The kids have just made it a bit earlier although mine have never been as early as yours. Recently I've taken to doing the 6.15am classes at the Gym which I am loving so yep definately a morning person. Best of luck on the weekend I hope it goes well for you!

  4. My first 4 children all loved their sleep and I got plenty of rest, sometimes having to be woken up on a morning! then I remarried and had 3 more who didn't sleep more than 3 hours until each reached aged 2! I'm 20 years older now so I struggle, lol. I love your Owl and birds. I would love to buy some from you is that possible? Sally x

  5. I am most definitely a night owl. It's a new thing though for me. Post third child. It's the only that I can get anything done!! It helps too that for the first time in 8 years, my kids are actually sleeping in and I need to wake them rather than the other way around!
    All the best for the market!! Which one? Your stuff is gorgeous - you are sure to do well!!

  6. Firstly, those night owls and early birds are just gorgeous! And secondly, Oh my. J, what are you thinking?!! Poor Mummy!

    I must confess for a long time I considered myself a night owl, and found that in the quiet I could achieve so much.

    But last year I found that by getting up early I was able to achieve so much more. I use to rise at 5:30am to work, and then the day was free for just the kids and me.

    I'm not up as early as that anymore and have gone back to working in the afternoons, so I'm up by 6am, at the gym and then able to be prepared for when the kids rise (at 7am). Then I'm so tired by 9pm and so upset with myself for going to bed late to get things done, that by morning I'm a grumpy mummy, and don't have the patience to be the best person I can be. I've noticed that if I'm in bed by 9-9:30pm I still manage to get all my jobs done, and I'm much better for it. My hubby gets some time with me, I unwind better, and I even don't look as tired as I use to!

    So, early bird is the new me!

    I sure hope that J moves his body clock more to a time that suits you more!



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